16,000 sq ft Nest Inn - Retirement Home, Dehradun

MySpace Architects was approached with a unique brief of creating an assisted living facility, providing the utmost comfort and rejuvenation to dotage. The challenge was to develop a design solution that would do justice to the natural environment surrounding the site and the heritage. Despite, many restrictions and hurdles, MySpace Architects were able to design the wondrous Nest Inn.

Located in Dehradun on the Himalayan foothills, this assisted living facility rests in hypnotic tranquility. Being surrounded by dense Mango & Litchi orchards and a British Bungalow, dating back to the colonial period, the 4-acre plot has an independent eco-system. No wonder, that despite being situated amid an urban landscape ensuring safety and the site’s proximity to city facilities, Nest Inn enjoys the calming shade of green foliage.

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