SmartEx Blazes, Creates History!

The two-day (Feb 10-11) SmartEx Conference and Expo at Delhi turned out to be an incredibly successful and inspiring event that saw the gathering of some of the most renowned and respected architects and designers, including Sunita Kohli, Padm Shri (1992); ‘Airport King’ Chanrajit Singh Shad; ‘Veteran Architect’  Premendra Raj Mehta; and ‘Professor’ Manoj Mathur, among others. For the event, 10 top brands--including Haier, DURO, LINGEL, KEI, and Sakarani--united to set the stage on fire with their striking involvement and dazzling technical presentations.  The highlight of the mega and immensely successful event though was the keynote talk by professor Beni Lew from Israel.

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