Shah's House Kaithal Designed by Ar. Dinesh Batra | Andin Design Studio Mohali | BMR Build Stories

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Tomorrow  'This Beautiful Modern House' designed by Ar. Dinesh Batra principal Andin Design Studio, Mohali.


Once a traditional and aging structure, the architectural transformation of this house into a modern marvel stands as a testament to the beauty of blending the old with the new. Designed recently by Ar. Dinesh Batra, Principal, Andin Design, the architect's vision behind this project was to preserve the historical charm while infusing it with a contemporary aesthetic that embraces sustainability and green living. What was once a timeworn dwelling is now a green oasis that seamlessly marries tradition with innovation.


For architect, the most important part of this house is its greeneries. "The incorporation of lush greenery and open spaces has redefined the way this house interacts with the environment," asserts Ar. Dinesh Batra. Both the home’s interior as well as exterior boast vibrant greeneries, creating a tranquil sanctuary where nature thrives. This transformation serves as an inspiration, showcasing how a house can evolve into a green, modern haven, rooted in its past yet looking boldly into the future.


The house offers a perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and impressive style that stands out from the rest of the neighborhood. Impressive components include exceptional architectural details, creative exterior cladding, cantilevered volumes, grand front entrances, and striking fenestration.


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