A Story Behind The Design of The Iconic Kartarpur Corridor | Ar Gurpreet Shah | Creative Group

Ar Gurpreet Shah, Principal Architect & Urban Designer at Creative Group, practicing for 50 years in Delhi has designed 15 Airports, 20 Intermodal Hubs, railway stations, transportation, and architecture universities, industrial, housing, retail. With the considerable experience he, with his team of architects, vendors, and contractors worked as a union to build across the 30,000 square meters Transit point- India x Pakistan- Kartarpur Corridor in just 4 months. The iconic Building structure-“Form of Khanda” represents the philosophy of Sikh architecture. The culture & heritage of Punjab and India are articulated divinely through sculptures and artwork. To achieve hassle-free immigration of 5000 people in an hour, column-free space was designed; wherein steel structures and roof structures are seamlessly constructed.

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