Lavish Duplex Created by Arty Ar Rahul Bamba

Let’s go on a tour to the Floating Roof House designed by adept Ar. Rahul Bamba. This Office-cum-house is flawlessly created in such a manner keeping the office connected with the outer periphery, and the house areas connected as well as separated. The lift is mounted in the duplex to give homeowners and other occupants a sense of relaxation. The whole house has the elements of nature imbibed into it; as the green courtyard is connected with every part of the house, giving the feeling of openness, the front elevation has the effect of water bodies, bath space also has a greenery touch to it, and on the roof, a terrace garden with Gazeebo and bar is curated. For family bonding and entertaining sessions, the Family lounge area and entertainment rooms are additional key features. The highlight of the house is- Double Floating Roofs that are taking the house to another level and are the icing on the cake. Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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