Development Should Never Contradict Local Contexts: Ar. Debatosh Sahu, Espace, Kolkata

Ar. Debatosh Sahu, Principal, Espace opines that the kind of architecture which is happening today in Kolkata and nearby is neither inspiring nor responsive to the climate. “Change is a must. And hence, we need to be sensitive towards nature. While designing any structure, it is a must to consider local climatic condition as well as the availability of resources,” he expresses his concern. However, he seemed assured about the future of architecture, not only in Kolkata but across the country.


He believes that the young generation is well-aware with the term global warming, and hence, the budding architects/designers would be more sensible. “Development shouldn’t be contradictory to the local contexts. With no materialistic approach towards design, we shall have to consider locality and locales, and try to include the local craftsmen,” says Ar. Debatosh Sahu. Listen to him for more such insights about north eastern region.


Architect, Name:- Debatosh Sahu

Company: Espace

City Name: Kolkata

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