Big-Size Tiles Becoming Popular: Ar. Harinder Arora, Jammu

Ar. Harinder Arora from Jammu is a well-known and highly experienced professional who has seen the design and architecture fields changing over the course of his long career. 


He says trends, like fashion, keep changing and what may be in fashion today may not be in the future. He though adds that, in general, there isn’t much of a difference in the way tiles are used and buildings are designed in Delhi or Jammu, or for that matter, in any other major Indian city.


On the subject of tiles, he says the concept of big-size tiles in becoming popular and people are more and more using them for interiors due to many reasons. He also says that in Jammu, tile showrooms and shops have to get the tiles fixed also. Significantly, he seems to prefer engineered things which he says are better than natural things.


Architect  Name:-  Harinder Arora

City  Name:- Jammu

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