4000 sqft Vintage and Voguish Home-cum-Office designed by Ar. Rahul Bamba


Vintage & Voguish Home-cum-Office designed by Ar. Rahul Bamba, Principal Architect, ARB When you step in, you’ll notice the exteriors of the unusual house are inspired by the Victorian epoch. This sumptuous house is covered by natural green carpet.

This is a perfect getaway situated in the city which is planned astutely by a renowned Ar. Rahul Bamba where you can rejuvenate and treat your eyes and soul. With striking designs, artefacts, paintings, and other relevant elements the ambiance axiomatically Lits up.

You can feel the freshness in the air, even when you are inside the alluring architectural marvel. Whole designing is a blend of traditional, cultural, and contemporary aesthetics. Ar. Rahul Bamba has perfectly balanced the whole structure with his finest, and proficient techniques. The Carporch area is wisely, and mindfully connected with the backyard to give the feeling of regality. This Unique house-cum-office has two openings- front and rear for smooth access to either sides.

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