Everything Has Two Sides - Ar. Samiran Banik, Founder, Indecorus

Ar. Samiran Banik, Founder of Indecorus Consultants, is a professional designer for architectural, interior and landscaping. Based in Kolkata, he has a very strong belief that in architecture everything starts from interior and that there are two sides of everything. He suggests that for any architecture to be admirable and sustainable, interior has to be done carefully in a planned way.


For expressing the interiors, he too was mad after imported stuff but then Covid 19 intervened, which changed his perception. He started finding beauty in every indigenous product, and now advocates the use of local materials besides insisting on creating sustainable architecture. Listen to him to know more about his journey spanning around four decades and the experiences he earned on the way.


Architect Nmae :- Samiran Banik

Company Name :- Indecorus Consultants

City Name:- Kolkata

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