Ar. P R Mehta, DAG Architects: Motivation for Future Generations | Redevelopment of Connaught Place

Ar. Premendra Raj Mehta, DAG Architects, is the Former President, Council of Architects, India; the Former Member, Research Council of Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee; and member of GATE Committee of Ministry of Education. He has travelled extensively and represented India at WTO, Geneva. He was tasked with the renovation project of the heritage site of Connaught Place (CP), now officially known as Rajiv Chowk. 


He faced all sorts of problems while executing the Delhi project. For example, most of the tenants and owners of the area were unknown. He overcame such issues through smart planning and smarter execution of the plans. He not only created dedicated service corridors but also played with the different levels of the ground in the area, to redevelop the “Heart of Delhi” in the most creative and successful way possible. He is a motivation for the generations to come.

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