Ar. Pooja Bihani, Founder & Principal, Spaces & Design

A well-known Architect and Interior Designer in Kolkata, Ar. Pooja Bihani recognised her passion for the field at an early age and pursued the same as she grew up and Spaces & Design is her living passion. The firm laid its foundation in the year 2006 in Kolkata with the capability to execute complete end-to-end turnkey projects, both Interior as well as


Architecture. According to her, the purpose of Spaces & Design is to create environs that epitomise harmony, aesthetics, and optimum functionality; enriching the life of the user in his habitat. She asserts that the design philosophy is simple, to ‘Constantly Innovate’, which ultimately helps her in designing spaces ‘Inside-out’ integrating architecture into interiors and vice versa. Listen to her to know how she plans to go ahead with material market which is going innovative each passing day. 


Architect Name:-  Pooja Bihani

Company Name:- Spaces & Design

City Name:- Kolkata




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