Step Into Tranquility: The Zen Residence

Experience harmonious Living at The Zen Residence, AIPL Zen, Gurugram, India. Crafted by Storey Tellers Studio, this multi-generational home caters to a young couple, their son, and their grandmother. Perfumed with joy and warmth, the interiors mirror the family's vibrant spirit. With its expansive and airy layout, each room echoes…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 21, 2024
This Zypack Industries Workspace Is All Set To Boost Productivity

Ar. Sumita Bhatia of Dezine Innovation created an office space that speaks modernity and exquisiteness. With layout being fully utlised to boost the best productivity, the space marks upon transparency and better working ethos. The space has different areas juxtaposed in a way that it allows maximum utility and moving…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 13, 2024
This Jaipur Residence Is An Epitome Of Luxury

Nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Jaipur, this residence designed by Studio Bipolar stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of functionality and luxury, tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of a multi-generational family.    Spanning an impressive 2000 square feet, this abode exudes an energetic charm while maintaining…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 8, 2024
Jogani: Style and Functionality

The blueprint unveils a modern and functional 2 BHK apartment situated in the heart of Walkeshwar, South Mumbai. Crafted by Naksh Design Studio with utmost precision, the design emphasizes the art of maximizing space through thoughtful planning and strategic decision-making. Each nook and corner of the apartment has been carefully…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 6, 2024
A Square Designs Unveils Stunning Residential Bar Oasis

  A Square Designs, a leading name behind commercial and residential spaces showcasing unique aesthetics, has created a breathtaking residential bar area that redefines home entertainment. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to innovative design, the design firm has crafted a space that combines elegance, functionality, and sophistication.…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 3, 2024
The House of Courts: Within The Grid

Located in a leafy neighbourhood, ‘The House of Courts - Within the Grid’ sits on a slightly elevated plot accessed by a silent road. Designed for a doctor couple and their 4 children, based in Sharjah, this house was meant as a place for relaxation, rejuvenation and bonding during their…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 2, 2024
Knowing The Design Marvel- T2 Of Kempegowda International Airport

Terminal 2 at Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has changed the notions of an often hectic and stressful airport landscape successfully . The new terminal at BLR Airport is unlike any other airport in the world. Passengers can enjoy an immersive and genuine nature-focused experience of airport design- thanks…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 26, 2024
Respire Office By flYingseeds Studio

The Headquarter office to a medical surgical industry- the building in swarming industrial area of Delhi, India rises amidst the old, dilapidated industrial warehouses, small factory plants, junkyards. The Respire Office is a testament to the contemporary industrial culture, which was truly an exercise in building more with less.   …

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 26, 2024
Artist Residence: Crafting Eco-conscious Creation

The Artist's Residence is a project where the fundamental ethos of the A Line Studio and the client resonated in perfect balance to develop a project of its kind. Here, the space you live in becomes a canvas that lets you paint your ideas and helps to generate creativity. The…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 19, 2024
The Essence Of Biophilia In Design

  The approach for the landscape design by Ar. Ankit Garg, Founding Director of Aakrit Creative Design, prioritises serenity and sustainability. The brand believes in building a community by seamlessly integrating natural elements and eco-friendly materials.    Read More: Architectural Trends for 2024 That You Might Look Upon   For…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 19, 2024
Shibumi: Reviving Timeless Charm

Storey Tellers Design Studio reanimates this 40-year-old home to infuse laidback luxury reminiscent of a traditional Indian summer. Their latest venture into residential design is Shibumi, an urban retreat in a quiet part of industrial Faridabad. Giving a new lease of life to a 40-year-old residence, the studio has extended…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 18, 2024
This Hisar Home is A Perfect Contemporary Haven

Situated in Hisar, this project unfolds across a sprawling 1000 square yards, providing a generous canvas for architectural creativity and design innovation.    Read More: Architectural Trends for 2024 That You Might Look Upon   With SMARTEX 2024 Awards being a massive hit, Team BMR with SMARTEX had a chance…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 16, 2024
Delve into the Beauty of Oriental Dining Experience by Matrix Design Works

The architectural firm which has delighted its clients with comprehensive design solutions,  Matrix Design Works strives to offer the best. Established out of love for design, the brand's methodology believes in improving lives with good interior design. With experience of residential, commercial, retail, and housing projects in India and the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 15, 2024
Dental Oasis: Infusing Colour, Texture, and Joy

ID Creators, an innovative design firm with over a decade of expertise, crafted Smile Dente, a sparkling dental clinic spanning 770 square feet in Baroda. The clinic combines artistry and practicality, blending materials, colours, and textures to create an immersive experience. Despite facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, Smile…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 15, 2024
Petcart Nest - Eco-Friendly Pet Resort

  The two-acre plot lay amidst open fields and mango orchards. Naturally contoured, the plot in three tiers allows the entire landmass to be elevated as compared to the surrounding area. At the lowest level of the site was a 15-ft deep dried pond which was to be revived. The…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 13, 2024
House of Retreat: Discover Serenity

  Just over a few hours outside Mumbai city is this second home, lying in the lap of true luxury with complete accessibility to nature. This 7,000 sq. ft. modern luxury second home creates a restorative and soothing atmosphere with meticulous attention to quality and detail. Principal Designer Amit Porwal…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 12, 2024
Timber Rhyme: Carpentry Skills Meet Technology

  Due to shifts in time and new engineered materials, the dialogue between a carpenter and a product has perished. The design by Ar. Badrinath Kaleru and Ar. Prerna Kaleru explored conventional limitations of the materials sold by the client, veneers and plywood, and its protagonist role in a conversation…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 12, 2024
Urban Elegance: Workplace for Modern Minds

Nestled in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, this is another addition to the offices run by a distinguished insurance company. Spanning 1200 square feet within a contemporary building; this elegant space stands at the cusp of luxury and efficiency. It is a testament to the relationship between visionary clients and the up-and-coming Mumbai-based…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 9, 2024
Tube Houses Redefined: Crafting Sustainable Harmony

The Small Brick House designed by  Tung Nguyen Architects  is a contemporary tube-style residence nestled within the shared yard of the owner's grandparents' aged abode. This sleek structure boasts dimensions of 4.3 meters by 12 meters and is strategically positioned on three sides, seamlessly blending with the neighbouring houses. The…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 6, 2024
One Avighna Park: Luxury Meets the Skyline

A momentous module of the premier cluster redevelopment project of Mumbai, One Avighna Park, stands as a pinnacle of environmental focus, boasting an unparalleled standard of sustainability and luxury. The entirety of the development spans an area of 6.5 acres, with a dedicated 3-acre plot being exclusively utilized for the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 3, 2024
Tribhuvana: Responsible Artistry

As an integral part of the rural fabric, Tribhuvana is Himanshu Patel’s d6thD design studio workspace located in a village called Khanderaopura near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. For Himanshu, creating vernacular spaces is a timeless endeavour. The design not only nurtures the creative process but also invites a renewed connection with nature…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 29, 2024
Nans Beauty Parlour-Curves of Elegance

  Nans Luxury Beauty Lounge is an enchanting beauty parlour that embraces a design concept centered around graceful curves, creating a space that not only elevates the beauty experience but also embodies a sense of timeless sophistication. The interior design harmoniously marries aesthetic appeal with functionality to provide clients with…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 19, 2024
Contemporary Haven: Elevate Modern Comfort

A home is meant to be functional, and aesthetic and should reflect the personalities of the homeowners. In the bustling city of Mumbai, where vibrant energy meets cosmopolitan living, our design team embarked on a captivating project to transform a residence into a stylish and functional home for a family…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 7, 2024
An Epitome of Viable Magnificence – Surat Diamond Bourse is the Pride of India!

Crafted by Morphogenesis, Surat Diamond Bourse embodies a quintessential high-density commercial architecture seamlessly fused with effective climate responsiveness.   In India, the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) has claimed the distinction of being the world's largest office building, boasting a vast expanse of 6,60,000 sqm. The visionary architectural firm Morphogenesis, helmed…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 2, 2024
A Design Studio Masterpiece in the Garden City

The Ultraconfidentiel regional branch, Ultra\Studio in Bangalore, is an offbeat workspace brimming with creativity and stunning visual point of interests. With a commitment to being in harmony with nature, Ultra\Studio transcends the conventional boundaries of design. It stands as a testament to the dedication of creating functional and aesthetically inspiring…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 2, 2024
Contemporary Gurukul School: Where Learning Meets Laughter

The essence of a space mirrors the kaleidoscope of thoughts within those who inhabit it. Such was the foundational principle behind the creation of an innovative educational environment, designed by Shreesh Design Studio LLP merging contemporary methodologies with the revered traditions of India's Gurukul system. This visionary endeavour not only…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 28, 2024
Rock House: Pocket-Size Paradise

The Rock House is an architect's residence in Noida, designed to create a lively and motivating space with plants and artwork. The project faces a busy road with traffic on it and is situated in a gated neighbourhood. A huge tree at the front offers seclusion and an escape from…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 19, 2024
Veiled House: Architecture Melted into Experience

The Veiled House located in the small town of Kundapura on India's western coast has been built for a family who grew up in this town and are part of this vibrant prosperous community. The house however is designed to satiate their longing for anonymity and privacy, which become rare…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 6, 2024
Majodaya House: Serenity in Pure White Colour

Nestled in Electronic City, Bengaluru, two brothers' homes stand amidst a transforming landscape, transitioning swiftly from rural to urban nuances. The architectural dance of these residences within a verdant native backdrop mirrors the essence of their existence. Embracing change, the structures embody a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity, capturing…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 2, 2024
Casa Roca: Building a Greener Tomorrow

Casa Roca is a contemporary icon with brick and stone, a residence designed on a land parcel in the southwestern region of India, in the western part of Coimbatore. This project focuses on sustainability which seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and optimisation in the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 25, 2024
This Vasant Kunj Farmhouse Is Perfectly Aligned with Modern Aesthetics!

This luxury farmhouse is located in Vasant Kunj and constituted everything including the  restoration of an old farmhouse. Using natural timber accents, architects ENAR Consultants tried to bring softness and color to the house from a base palette of large stone blocks.   The house's entry was the starting point…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 24, 2024
This Jewellery Store Designed by Ark Studio in Hisar Exudes Class & Luxury

The jewellery itself radiates luxury, so it was important to balance it while maintaining the sense of royalty. In the limited space, the designer made it as functional as possible.  It was assured that the jewellery pieces were visible, everything was positioned properly with feasiblity. The designer duo Ar. Rajni…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 12, 2024
Donyi Polo Airport -The Great Hornbill

  STUDIOARO, driven by a passion for storytelling through design, envisioned more than a gate; they envisioned a symbol. The Great Hornbill, a majestic creature deeply rooted in the region's biodiversity, now stands poised as an emblem at the gateway to the new airport.     “We wanted the airport…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 11, 2024
Valley Nurtured by Nature, Crafted for People

The dramatic, geology-inspired, plant-covered Valley designed by MVRDV stands out in Amsterdam’s Zuidas neighbourhood with its three towers of 67, 81, and 100 meters and the spectacular cantilevered apartments It combines offices, shops, catering, cultural facilities, and apartments in one building; secondly, unlike the closed-off buildings elsewhere in the Zuidas,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 9, 2024
Jewellery Store - A Symphony of Luxury, Redefined by Prominent Black Finishes

BMR edition features the Mumbai-based jewellery store that epitomizes opulence and grandeur through its innovative design approach. Tasked with crafting a high-end retail space spanning 1000 sqft, designer Dipttii Khanna successfully translated the client's vision into a striking reality. The store embraces a polished black palette, strategically chosen to serve…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 2, 2024
ASA Office - Crafting Spaces with Human-Centric Precision

BMR features Architect Suri and Associates, a dynamic firm specialising in Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Landscape Design, which has transformed its office space into a testament to efficient space utilisation. Located in Panchkula, Haryana, the firm faced the challenge of expanding its 400-square-foot shell to accommodate additional workstations, an…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 30, 2023
This Hisar Office Integrates Style and Harmony in Its Interiors

When lead architects of architectural firm Ark Studio, Hisar- Ar. Rajni Gupta & Ar. Kashish Gupta decided to revamp the administrative block of Jindal Rolling Mills, they wanted it to be exceptional. With  warm aesthetics and plush design elements, this office is just more than a working space for the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 27, 2023
The Endraped House - A Minimalistic Tapestry of Cultural Richness

"The Endraped House," is situated in the meticulously planned residential colony of Sector-14, Hisar, designed by Quadricle Design Studio and curated by BMR team on its platform underwent a transformative renovation and expansion project, fostering a collaborative approach between the client and the architect. The objective was to convert a…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 27, 2023
Workspaces with Tranquility and Interaction

In Gurgaon, Delhi, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), a prominent Japanese economic research and consulting firm within the Nomura Group, proudly announces the completion of its fourth office phase. Collaborating with Ultraconfidentiel Design, NRI upholds its commitment to cultivating serene workspaces. The design by Ultraconfidentiel Design unfolds as an experiential…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 26, 2023
Healthy Fuel: Innovation Beyond Bounds

The ambitious transformation of a compact 300-square-foot parking garage into a distinctive and budget-friendly healthy smoothie bar was not merely a design challenge; it was an exercise in redefining the boundaries of innovation within the constraints of a saturated restaurant market and a limited budget. This project designed by Juiceshop…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 12, 2023
The Museologist's Abode: Every Corner Holds the Echoes of History

Crafting the interior of a museologist's home designed by IKS Architects involves a delicate dance between honouring the past and embracing the present. The House of Museologists, located in a city, is a hub for knowledge and curatorship, showcasing human history. Its interior design reflects a sophisticated taste, blending historical…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 9, 2023
Colours of Goa: Where Every Hue Tells a Story

Reimagining a tapestry of eclectic-modern aspirations, this vibrant home invites you into a realm where dreams take on vivid hues, distressed textures tell stories and prints and patterns dance in harmony. A neo-eclectic masterpiece, this residence designed by the Bangalore-based firm By the Riverside is a reflection of the family's…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 6, 2023
Gohrisons Jewellers - Opulence and Sophistication in Every Detail

Gohrisons Jewellers designed by Design Three Sixty in Sector 8, Chandigarh, has unveiled a meticulously crafted modern jewellery store with a disftinctive design. The retail space stands out with its minimalist colour palette and exclusive, luxurious finishes, making it a one-of-a-kind establishment. Specifically curated for contemporary adults seeking sleek, minimalistic,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 5, 2023
House of Dynamic Sunlight - A Beautiful Symphony

Nestled amidst the bustling activity of a busy road and a small plot, this house was designed around a large central double-height space, positioned according to the sun path to make sure the living spaces are lit differently at different times of the day according to their uses. While designing…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 28, 2023
Rustic and Bold- This Brick Home Is a Visual Retreat!

The Brick Connection in Vadodara, Gujarat is a project designed for an effortless, well-traveled couple wishing to settle a little away from the chaos of the city. The house is designed by TRAANSPACE using the nine grid planning principles with an effort to provide the clients with a space where…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 25, 2023
Pinklay: Essence of Indian Handicrafts

Pinklay is a homegrown lifestyle brand, dedicated to showcasing the richness of Indian handicrafts. Embracing vibrant colours, their designs span across a diverse range, including clothing, home décor, accents, furnishings, and accessories. The focal point of the brand is encapsulated in their motto, "Travel with Pinklay." In establishing their largest…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 22, 2023
Rani Niwas Palace - Preserving Heritage, Enriching Legacy

Nestled within the expanse of the Ambaji-Danta region in the Aravali Hills, the site is a part of the esteemed Danta State property. Positioned at the hill's periphery, the Rani Niwas Palace restored by the Studio Blues commands a panoramic view of the expansive geographical basin below. Embraced by the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 22, 2023
The Centaurus House: Oasis of Luxury

Located in a dense area of New Delhi, Ar. Sumit Dhawan creates this out-of-the-ordinary coalesce of luxe and minimalism called “The Centaurus”. This residence with a 12,500 sqft footprint has been very intelligently arranged in the blocked territory of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. This resplendent home manifests a rich yet…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 18, 2023
HIE School: Prosper Curiosity, Sparking Brilliance

  The surrounding area consists of Mango orchards and farmlands with negligible urbanized space. In this project, Vistaar Associates designs a contemporary design theme merged with a conventional setting. Keeping in mind the aspirations of the school management and the sensitivities of the existing school students which was intended to…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 16, 2023
Amber Villa: Harmonizing Architecture and Nature

Architecture that features nature-inspired spaces takes cues to create environments that evoke the serenity, beauty, and balance found in nature. The EDC studio attempted to design spaces that often utilize organic forms, materials, colours, and patterns to create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere.      The focus was on nature-inspired…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 8, 2023
The Store Between the Lines: A Store with a Story!

Designed exquisitely by LIJO.RENY.architects, The Store Between the Lines, in Thrissur, Kerala reveals drama. Over the last 13 years, 'Magis' has paved its way to everyone's heart and has become a well-known women's wear brand in South India. The owners of this flagship store desired a space to properly showcase…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 4, 2023
Sunken Crematorium: Path to the Eternity

Our fear and discomfort with death have left crematoriums with segregated, cold and depressing spaces in urban contexts so far. To change such an underperforming Hindu crematorium into a vital place at Amalsad town in India, d6thD design studio had been commissioned by a private trust. They came up with…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 4, 2023
Spiral Sculpture House: Redefining Living

A captivating Spiral Sculpture House redefines living in Bali's Jungle designed by Alexis Dornier sets a remarkable example of creativity and tectonics. The completion of this remarkable project exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and the human spirit's boundless creativity.    “It stands as a testament to our commitment as…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 26, 2023
Material and Expression: House That Rains Light

The ‘House That Rains Light’ was designed by LIJO.RENY.architects re-imagining dappled shade under the trees, informal kid's play nooks, and gardens with flowers, birds and butterflies, all lost to rapid urbanisation, while confined to a tight plot within a typical residential layout.   Owners, a young couple with their two…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 18, 2023
The Elegance of Fluidity: Where Spaces Flow and Imagination Soars

The client being a captain in the merchant navy wanted the built environment and the space within it to portray his passion and profession which is seafaring. The design was made to convey a seaside setting in the typology of a bay showroom; a contemporary rendition of his classical poised…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 9, 2023
The Fluting House: Where Elegance Finds Its Groove

The art of apartment interior design goes beyond mere aesthetics. It involves a thoughtful integration of form and function. It's about creating spaces that not only look visually appealing but also enhance the quality of life for those who inhabit them. From maximizing space in compact city apartments to crafting…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 20, 2023
Dynamic Office Spaces: Fluidity in Design

Ultraconfidentiel designed and completed an additional floor for Trilegal in Saket - New Delhi. Nestled within the Saket District Centre in New Delhi, Trilegal's new office spans 18,000 sq. ft. on the ground floor of a corporate facility. The office perfectly encapsulates the idea of developing a setting that fosters…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on September 16, 2023
An Impressions - Dynamic Learning Spaces

Designed by DE: CA+PE Studio, to cater for the growing needs of education in the twenty-first century, the 'An Impressions - Jaipuria School' promotes creative & critical thinking, collaboration, and adaptation in a dynamic environment. The project aims to design an innovative and future-focused school that revolutionizes the education experience…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on September 4, 2023
The Cowshed: A Spectator of Nature

A simple and minimalistic getaway home, reflecting the divine panorama of the lofty Himalayas and the surrounding magnificence, with a built-up area of 3200-sq. ft, the Cowshed is a contemporary building designed with simple local materials. The building is at peace with its surroundings and is essentially designed to be…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 9, 2023
Floating Roof House: Duplex with Internal Courtyard

Having elements of nature imbibed into it, this office/house is connected yet separated giving the homeowners a sense of relaxation with ample open spaces inside the four walls. Chandigarh--one of the well-designed cities of India--is known for its eye-catching architecture, sparklingly clean roads, and lush greenery. Passionate and proto-typical Ar.…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on August 7, 2023
Twin House: Connecting Inside and Outside Spaces

The architecture shows the beautiful bond of a family of three generations living together for decades that decided to live ‘independently’ without actually ‘separating’. Established in 1987, R K Malik & Associates is a well-known architecture firm in Moradabad (UP). Specialists in senior living and healthcare, the firm focuses on…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 2, 2023
Chromatic House: Whimsical Yet Simple in Nature

The design is a conversation between whimsy and simplicity: between material vibrancy, the play of light and reticent fenestrations, on one hand, and a stark, tapered, singular volume on the other. Anagram Architects had been asked to create a whimsical yet simple structure, enclosed within a typically rectangular plot of…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 1, 2023
ID Origins - Expression of Calligraphic Strokes Mumbai’s New Landmark

For such a prestigious project, the challenge was to do justice to the city as well as and also to get the building construction integrated into the urban fabric of the country’s financial capital. The breathtaking design of the innovative facade has been created by the New Delhi-based award-winning architecture…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 1, 2023
An Architect's Home: Sense-stirring Creation

ALEEYA. The design studio is driven by evolution — evolution in spaces, materials, objects, and light — in a world where change is the only constant. The studio seeks to forge its own path through ideas, feelings, and varied experiences rather than adhere to any norms. It develops atmospheres by…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on July 20, 2023
Expression through Harmony: An Elegant, Art-filled Home

A home has to serve a variety of purposes for its dwellers and guests to be deemed an ideal quarter of relaxation and rewinding--whether it's grand and expansive or cozy in its look and function. With a similar quest in front of them, Aarunya Architects leading creators Raxit Shah and…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on July 19, 2023
Otla House Embodies Austerity & Simplicity in Equal Measures

Ascetic in its approach, We Design Studio focuses on building deceptively simple solutions that are seamless in experience and expression. The sustainable 'Otla' or verandah that extends along the periphery of this home inspires and defines it. The house's principal sections face a central open-to-sky courtyard on one side and the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 22, 2023
Residence of Remembrance: Tangible and Intangible Elements

One can never be free of nostalgia for one's home. The design envisioned Brickly Affair as a tangible manifestation of the intangible canvas on which the family will paint their future adventures and memories. Greyscale Design Studio imagined "Brickly Affair" as an introvert with a developing and evolving mindscape and…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 16, 2023
Celebrating Nature's Elegance: Canadian Douglas-Fir Wood Transforms Nativ Restaurant in Pune

Nativ Restaurant--located in the lively suburb of Baner in Pune--underwent a stunning transformation led by architects Shamna and Wojciech Stranc. This remarkable project seamlessly integrates architecture, interior design, product design, and landscape design, resulting in an enchanting dining experience. Notably, Douglas-fir, from among the Canadian Wood species, played a pivotal…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 14, 2023
Global Logic: Office Space

Offering a high brand experience, the space drives innovation and community building. Due to accelerated growth and development, GlobalLogic needed a resilient and creative work environment and attract talent and support innovation.     This office represents yet another productive collaboration between GL and Asid. Our teams collaborated to combine…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 16, 2023
Monte Carlo Flagship Store: Dynamic Spaces

A 100-meter-long facade running parallel to a busy highway distinguishes the Monte Carlo factory outlet designed by Studio TOD. In this way, they are able to create a very innovative design that establishes the brand while still looking dynamic. By embedding linear LED lights with colour-changing technology in the facade,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 7, 2023
Filigree House: Spectrum of Spaces

The 1682-sq. ft. of bare shell apartment, with large airy windows, had panoramic views from all sides. Zoning was done in a way to not only solve the problem of the ergonomics of the room but also provide us with rich opportunities for unique design elements.     The planning…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 6, 2023
Sanctum of Harmony: Soulful Space Rooted in Nature

‘Sanctum of Harmony’ invokes the very presence of earthly hues in the minds of its end user. Being rooted to its surroundings, the structure opens a gateway to the realm of arts and architecture of an age where nature was worshipped as gods. A project designed by Archidobe pays tribute…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 27, 2023
Anagram Architect’s Stunning EKAANTA Is for Those Not In Hurry

Anagram Architects’ Haridwar- based learning destination, EKAANTA, offers a life-changing experience for those keen to navigate the routine journey of life effortlessly. It’s for those people who want to drink the nectar of life sip-by-sip, unhurriedly, at their own gentle pace. It’s for those who wish to 'live' life, savouring…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 23, 2023
Hues of Blue--Portrayal of Calmness and Relaxation

The home needs to serve multiple purposes for its residents and guests to qualify as an ideal retreat, regardless of how grand and expansive or cosy it may appear or function. An architectural team led by Scribble Studio had a similar quest when they designed a home for a family…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 20, 2023
Niraamaya Retreat, Kumarakom - Experience of Opulence

Niraamaya Retreat--a resort complex in Kumarakom, Kerala--demonstrates a boutique architectural experience of opulence connecting strongly with the surrounding landscape, through an appropriate balance of contemporary design and traditional elements. Spread across seven acres, the resort abuts the Vembanad Lake with a 160m shoreline, complimented by views of the lush green…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 18, 2023
Adharshila - A Sustainable Community Learning Center

Forum Architecture was founded in 2013, to cater to all requirements for disciplines of contemporary design. It’s run by founding partners Suparna Ghosh and Jensil John--both graduates of the Politecnico di Milano. It has received a citation for the Young Designers Competition 2015 in the interior design category at the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 23, 2023
Amazon Fashion Studio: Contemporary Spaces

Ultraconfidentiel Design has designed the fashion studio for Amazon BLINK, located in New Delhi, India. Amazon BLINK – Fashion Studio was a very unique project. Earlier harbouring New York and London, Amazon gave us the opportunity to conceptualise the first-of-its-kind Amazon Fashion Studio in India. Designed to boost creativity and…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 20, 2023
Waterfront Clubhouse: Celebrating Public Space

One of the local coaching clubs approached Abin Design Studio to build a clubhouse made especially to facilitate young passionate footballers in the area. Excited to engage in a project for the people of the neighbourhood, ADS jumped in with both feet to develop the Waterfront Arena. The project treads…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 1, 2023
Ayna Burir Adar: Thoughtful Making of Space

The building is located in a modest residential neighborhood in Natore district of Rajshahi Division located in northern Bangladesh. The Kanaikhali field was a deep jungle many years ago, where people were afraid to live due to the danger posed by wild animals. An old woman, named Ayna, built her…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 30, 2023
Contemporary Home: Exploration of Style and Luxury

Spread across 9000 sq ft, this three-storeyed residential bungalow stands poised, fully designed, and constructed from scratch by Studio Eterio in one of the posh localities in Jaipur. Our inspiration was to take a step beyond our preferences for minimalism for curating and designing a space full of luxury, new…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 21, 2023
Verandah House: Play of Contrast in Spaces

A sense of belonging was created in the Verandah House with contemporary imagination and traditional craftsmanship. A play of natural spaces to enhance the beauty of nature and lifestyle.   Located on a 4-acre parcel of land with dense flora and a lily pond along with an existing outbuilding of…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 20, 2023
Experience Center: Fluid Expression, Fusion of Aesthetics

The past couple of years have been deprived of any kind of in-person experiences, especially those that are guided through travel and exhibitions. To bring together an expansive range of international products for the building industry in India, Excella Experts curated an opulent experience center that caters to end-to-end design…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 12, 2023
Cube House: Composition of Playful Spaces

A comparison when drawn along the plot size and the requirements which housed a formal living area, kitchen, dining, store, and utility along with four separate bedrooms; proved to be our own design challenge. Designing a  contemporary home of an appropriate size and accommodating all the requirements within the parameters…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 27, 2022
Villa Ahmedabad: Timeless Elegance

Living together with as much privacy as possible – was the guiding theme in planning the residence for an extended Indian family in Ahmedabad. An intimate garden despite the high neighboring structures, buildings surround an interior courtyard. Immediately adjoining are the living quarters of the parents and grandparents, whose façades…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 17, 2022
Krushi Bhawan: Celebrating Culture and Life

Krushi Bhawan is located in Bhubaneshwar, the state capital of Odisha. Home to multiple agrarian communities, the state is the third largest contributor to India’s grain supply. A government facility that re-imagines the relationship between the state and its people Krushi Bhawan is a facility developed for Government of Odisha’s…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 14, 2022
Grand Alabaster: Play of Classical Elements

Envisioned to define luxury and comfort, this lavish villa, named ‘The Grand Alabaster’, is designed by 23DC Architects. Situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, the villa concedes a classical character. Upon entering the magnificent marvel, one is welcomed by the orchestrated windows and the stunning central door which are an allegory for…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on December 12, 2022
Off-Grid House: Rhythmic Flow of Connections

Off-Grid House: Rhythmic flow of connections The Off-Grid House acts as a thought-driven attempt to open a line of inquiry toward an alternate approach to apartment design. A process that is guided by vocabulary capable of its self-identity while simultaneously harmonising with its immediate environment. This project is a humble…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 22, 2022
Learning & Sports Center: General Architecture Collaborative

  The Center’s inclusive design and construction process created a place that the entire community is now invested in protecting, maintaining, and growing. Today, community members decide collectively how to use the center, as a shared common.     The Learning and Sports Center is located among the rolling hills…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 7, 2022
Farm House In The City - Ar. Rahul Bamba

This Victorian Style architecture, having ample open spaces in the front and rear of the structure, fulfils all the requirements of the client.   The client wanted openness in their premises despite being located in the middle of the city. To fulfil this requirement, ARB an architectural firm from Chandigarh…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 27, 2022
Architect’s Home: Story Through Minimalistic Approach

With a minimalist approach, Studio UA lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative) designed an apartment space with a sense of warmth and spaciousness created by playing with material and textures.   The Apartment of 62 sq mt space required a layout spacious enough to combine work and living together. Spaces are separated…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 12, 2022