Glamora: Creating Impact in a Thriving Workplace

  StudioiDo's visionary design for Transfer Oil embodies a forward-thinking approach that not only enhances functionality but also elevates the workplace experience through sustainable practices and aesthetics. With Glamora's innovative wallcoverings, StudioiDo has crafted a modern office environment that transcends traditional spatial constraints, encouraging collaboration and creativity. \    …

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 17, 2024
Crafting Narrative: In conversation with UPSCALE Squad

  In this exclusive BMR Interview, discover the story of innovation, passion, and expertise as Ar. Priyanshi Shah unravels the narratives of the emerging architectural firm UPSCALE, co-founded by the three power Architects, Pragya Bharati,  Unnatt Kamboj and Utsav Kamboj. Check out insights into their unique methodology through research, technical…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 5, 2024
'Kansa' Sculptures Bring Literary Charm to Life in Garden Oasis

Stone Art introduces Bronze Sculptures that beautifully capture the elegance and innocence of youth. These exquisite pieces, meticulously crafted with attention to detail, showcase the artistry and skill of the sculptors. With its graceful posture and intricate features, these sculptures serve as timeless additions to any collection, evoking a sense…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 16, 2024
ALCOI: Innovative Fenestration solutions for sustainable Living in Indian Summers

BMR's Special Feature - Brand in focus - ALCOI shares this thorough guide that delves into the innovative Solutions for fenestrations and strategies for sustainable living in Indian Summers.    As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing concern, the need for sustainable solutions in building design has never been more…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 13, 2024
Ideas to Maximize Storage Space In Modular Kitchens

In the modern home, the kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it's a central hub for dining, socializing, and even working. As such, making the most of every square inch, especially in modular kitchens, becomes crucial. Whether you're dealing with a compact city kitchen or looking to…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on May 11, 2024
A Dialogue with WMA Studio: Crafting Narratives

In this BMR Interview focusing on Material and Innovation, Ar. Priyanshi Shah unravels the journey that has led Ar. Bhuvan Kapila & Gagandeep Kapila,  WMA Studio to become a driving force in the architecture fraternity. They say that seeing the world exposes you to the unknown, firing up a desire…

  • Posted by: Ar.Priyanshi Shah on April 29, 2024
Designing with Laminate: Tips to incorporate while designing your Home Interiors

  BMR's Special Feature - Brand in focus - Millimetre shares this comprehensive guide that delves into the art of designing with laminate, offering valuable tips to help make informed decisions while transforming living spaces into showcases of style and functionality.   In the realm of interior design, laminate has…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 16, 2024
Building the Sustainable Future : In Conversation with Ar. Navdeep Sharma

                                                                          Ar. Navdeep Sharma   In our recent BMR interview with Ar. Navdeep Sharma, founder…

  • Posted by: Ar.Priyanshi Shah on March 14, 2024
In Conversation with Ar. Himanshu Suri, Striking Simplicity, Timeless Elegance

                                                                                 Ar. Himanshu Suri   Architect Suri and Associates was founded…

  • Posted by: Ar.Priyanshi Shah on March 12, 2024
Rehau's Collective Triumph In India's Furniture Industry

Rehau's supremacy in India mirrors a collective triumph, achieved through collaboration with channel partners and industry leaders.   In India's furniture industry, Rehau's ascent transcends individual achievement, evolving into a collective success narrative through strategic alliances with dedicated channel partners and unwavering support from esteemed customers, including OEMs and furniture…

  • Posted by: Syed Md Ehteshamul Hasan on March 7, 2024
Crafting Connections: A Central Courtyard Seamlessly Weaving Together Every Space

                                                Ar. Anand P                                               …

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on March 6, 2024
In Conversation with Kun Studio Where Design Symphony Unfolds

Ar. Shreyansh Sett                                                                 Ar. Saagar Tulshan                           …

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 13, 2024
Unveiling the Artistry with Ramesh Bhandari, A-Class Marble's Maestro

Ramesh Bhandari, CES & Director, A-Class Marble.    In the dynamic world of material innovation and design, Ramesh Bhandari has been at the forefront, steering A-Class Marble towards new horizons. As the visionary leader, he has not only overseen the production of groundbreaking innovations but has also shaped the narrative…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 31, 2024
Haier: Tier 2 & 3 Cities Are Vital

  Haier India, a leading player in the home appliances industry, has been making significant strides in expanding its reach and influence in tier-2 and tier-3 cities across the country. Recognising the immense potential in these regions, the company has undertaken a strategic initiative to strengthen its presence, especially that…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on November 16, 2023
Innovate, Create, Illuminate: Elevate Your Living Spaces This Festive Season

As one of the leading LED manufacturers in Delhi NCR, Ledure Lightings Ltd. aims to illuminate your home. Ledure offers a wide variety of LED lights to light up your spaces with quality and design. Festivals are all about lights and Ledure Lightings brings its new range this festive season…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 17, 2023
Bracing for Monsoon Magic: Selecting Fenestration That Stands Tall in the Rain

Le Corbusier, the founder of the Modern Movement in Architecture, inspired ALCOI, favouring the decongestion and augmentation of areas. In order to achieve clients’ desires for maximising results with minimal design, ALCOI is committed to creating architecture with aesthetics and interiors with practicality and style. ALCOI provides a whole professional…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 7, 2023
Ventura International: Pioneering Excellence in Architectural Surfaces

Ventura International was founded in the 1990s by two enterprising MBA graduates, who recognised the gap in the interior and furniture industry of that era. They saw an opportunity to address the shortage of high-quality interior products, especially with the advent of a libralised import regime. In 1994, Manish Maheshwari…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 6, 2023
Sakarni Helped Me More Than What I Expected From Them: Mr. Bhola Paswan, Sai Traders, Gorakhpur

Mr. Bhola Paswan—proprietor of Sai Traders, Gorakhpur--was unemployed in 2019. His family wanted him to do a govt. job but he wanted to do his own business. He had no idea though at that time which business he wished to do. Guidance wasn’t available at that time.   As luck…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 3, 2023
Architects Aren’t Merely Creators of Spaces: Mr. Varun Poddar, VOX India

On the momentous occasion of World Architecture Day, it becomes important to renew our commitment to build and design spaces in such a way that it helps the maximum number of people maximize the use of space, for productive and useful purposes.  Today, more than ever, it has become important…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on October 2, 2023
Sakarni Gold Wall Putty A Mass Product. Mr Saurabh Sharma, Sharma Paints & Sanitary Store, Bulandshahr

Mr. Saurabh Sharma (R)   Mr. Saurabh Sharma--the co-proprietor of Sharma Paints & Sanitary Store in Bulandshahr--was fascinated with business from the very beginning and he pushed the business started by his father way back in 2002. Today, Sharma Paints & Sanitary Store is a well-known name in Bulandshahr.  …

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 22, 2023
Sakarni Customers’ Favourite Brand: Mr. Ramesh Chandra Barnwal, G.R. & Son’s, Azamgarh

Mr. Nitesh Barnwal   Mr. Ramesh Chandra Barnwal—the proprietor of G.R. & Son’s in Azamgarh--had a lot of difficulties and challenges earlier. He had no idea how to start his business after his brothers decided to part ways and start their businesses separately. Mr. Ramesh Chandra Barnwal chose Sakarni POP…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 20, 2023
Mr. Ashok Gupta Motivated Me: Mr. Vishal Agarwal, Vijay Kumar Agarwal & Company, Sikandrabad

-- Mr. Vijay Agarwal --   Mr. Vijay Agarwal is the owner of the Sikandrabad (UP)-based Vijay Kumar Agarwal & Company. He has an experience of 24 years in the line. He inherited the business from his parents. He took it forward with his hard work and determination.    Read…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 19, 2023
In Conversation with Viorel Acsinte, Nishant Upadhyay from Dharatal

Viorel Acsinte & Nishant Upadhyay are founders of Dharatal, an Indo-European design collective with a focus on local communities, their heritage and landscapes. Here is an exclusive BMR interview with Dharatal's team, featuring an in-depth discussion of conservation, culture, climate, and ecology through a varied variety of activities, spanning from…

  • Posted by: Priyanshi Shah on September 18, 2023
All Brands On 1 Side, Sakarni On The Other

  Mr. Shubham Kansal (L) along with his father Mr. Pradeep Kansal    Mr. Pradeep Kansal and Mr. Shubham Kansal the father-son duo of Modi Nagar’s ‘Anjali Enterprises’ are in the business of putty, Plaster of Paris (POP), paints, and white cement since long.   From the very beginning, Mr.…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 18, 2023
I Ask Sakarni To Give Me New Targets: Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan, Chauhan Paints & Hardware

Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan--Owner, Chauhan Paints & Hardware--With Mr. Ashok Gupta, Chairman, Sakarni (second from left)   Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan--Owner, Chauhan Paints & Hardware, Aligarh—says, “I wanted to become a businessman from the very beginning. So, soon after my graduation in 2006, I started my business in Aligarh. I started it…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 14, 2023
Siedle-Powered JUNG Door Communication Elevates Door Communication To ‘A Different Level’

JUNG--the well-known technology-based German company--offers futuristic indoor stations for door communications in the high-quality JUNG switch design. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, in either one frame or separated from each other, to fulfil your specific requirements. Indoor stations are available in both the LS and A design range.…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 14, 2023
We Bring the Best of Europe to India, Says Sanjay Goel, Vibrant Technik

Jaipur-based Vibrant Technik designs and builds structures that redefine the Indian scenery. With a stunning array of luxury façades for exteriors and ceiling products, imported from Europe, the company offers custom-made solutions--from design to installation.   Recently, in a freewheeling conversation with Team Building Material Reporter, Sanjay Goel--the CEO and…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 13, 2023
Benzoville Showrooms Paradise for Architects, Interior Designers: Mr. Akshat Bansal

Mr Akshat Bansal -- Expert in Luxury Hardware Solutions for Design Professionals – and the co-owner of Benzoville, the world’s finest luxury handles legacy homes, is the Indian distributor for all kinds of luxury door handles--such as Cabinet Handles, Timeless Handles, Classic Door Handles, and Custom-designed Handles, sourced from different…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 12, 2023
We Have Products for All Price Ranges: Bharat Bhushan Varma, L&T

Bharat Bhushan Varma is the Product Marketing Manager of Larsen & Toubro—the well-known Indian multinational conglomerate company, with business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing, and technology.    L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) offers various products, solutions and turnkey services for electricity distribution and control, across different segments, such as Industries,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 8, 2023
Construction Material Industry Silent Architect of Progress: Kaushal Mehta, DryChem India

New Delhi is presently hosting the G20 Summit. A host of world leaders, including the US President Joe Biden, have already arrived in the capital for the mega world event to discuss the different challenges facing the global community and find solutions for them.    In this connection, Mr. Kaushal…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on September 8, 2023
Duroply Industries Limited: Driving Innovation through Thought Leadership

Akhilesh Chitlangia Executive Director, COO, Duroply Industries Ltd.   At Duroply, Akhilesh and the team work tirelessly to ensure that their customers receive the right solution for their woodwork needs. Whether it's the right plywood, block boards, flush doors, or decorative veneers, they strive to provide their customers with the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 31, 2023
What Goes In Ensuring A Sustainable Township!

Prof. Meenakshi Dhote has over three decades of teaching, research and professional experience in the field of environmental planning with special interest in biodiversity of urbanized ecosystems. Currently, she is heading the Department of Environmental Planning at SPA Delhi and is also Coordinator of Environmental Information Center on Human Settlements…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 28, 2023
Kamdhenu Paints: Aims To Clock Rs.1,000 Cr. by FY26

Stemming out of Kamdhenu Ltd., ‘Kamdhenu Paints’ is the paint vertical of this thriving business conglomerate. Launched in the year 2008, Kamdhenu Paints has set up its indigenous state-of-the-art production plant at Chopanki, Bhiwadi of Rajasthan. Laced with high precision equipment, this manufacturing unit has an output capacity of 36,000…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 24, 2023
Carpet Culture Gaining Momentum In India

Established in 1997 in a small rented premises in Sharjah, UAE, Standard Carpets has developed into a vertically integrated factory with its own facilities for yarn extrusion, tufting, backing and tiling. The current facility is 1.3 million sq ft and produces 18 million sq ft of flooring every month with…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 23, 2023
Halonix : Determined to make Technology Available for Bottom Of The Pyramid

Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the first movers in offering energy-efficient lighting with Made in India / Made for India products. Having keen focus on innovation since 2018, the brand set its foot forward in making new age technology available for every Indian. The company boasts of its…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 22, 2023
At Godrej: We Understand Users Pain Points

Godrej & Boyce is a name needs no introduction. The company does offer a range of hardware solutions under its furniture, furnishings and architectural fittings division, which it claims to have designed with a user centric approach to create spaces that help people live more intuitively. This emanates because of the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 22, 2023
An Intimate Conversation with Architectural Journalist Apurva Bose Dutta

Whether you're a fellow architectural enthusiast seeking deeper understanding or a writer intrigued by the intersection of disciplines, this BMR interview holds promises of inspiration and insight. So, check out our latest interview as Ar. Priyanshi shah traverses the corridors of creativity and explores the foundations of architectural storytelling with…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on August 21, 2023
Building a Sustainable Future SHiFT Studio - Ar.Sanjay Prakash & Ar.Mayank Mishra

In this BMR Interview focusing on a sustainable future, Ar. Priyanshi Shah unravels the journey that has led Ar. Sanjay Prakash and Ar. Mayank Mishra, SHiFT Studio to become a driving force in the architecture fraternity. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, we will gain valuable insights into the mindset,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 19, 2023
VOX Enhancing Design Quotient of Buildings

VOX, which has been rapidly emerging as one of the most innovative solutions in designing, manufacturing and distributing furniture, home furnishings and building materials in Europe, entered into India in 2018. VOX believes that real freedom begins at home, and the way we organise our living spaces has a great…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 18, 2023
Isha Group: Changing Contours of Kolkata

“We are evolving and adapting with time and doing bigger and better developments.”   A family-run business spanning four decades of being one of the finest real estate developers in Kolkata, Isha Group claims to be synonymous with trust, innovation and quality living. Its commercial and premium residential developments are…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 17, 2023
CIDC: Skilling Construction Workforce

The Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) has been set up jointly by the Planning Commission, Government of India and the Indian construction industry. The council is an umbrella organisation for the construction industry in India and has a national presence with branches across the country. To benefit the industry, the…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 14, 2023
Le Casa Deluxe: One Point Solution for Interior & Exterior Needs

It’s the story of an ambitious man, Mohit Singal, who, after completing his PG in Business Economics, worked in various organisations in different capacities. His dream of being an entrepreneur never let him settled. And, in 2004, he flagged- off his own venture, Zap Exports Pvt. Ltd., and started catering…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 12, 2023
My journey all about learning, relearning, unlearning, and again learning: Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah

Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah is one of the most experienced and respected architects and designers in India. In the profession for the past 53 years, he is also a well-known author, educationist, infrastructure expert, critic, and architectural planner.    Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah’s professional journey, across the 53 years for…

  • Posted by: Editorial on August 5, 2023
VAAREE: Curated Marketplace for Home Products

Pranav Arora - Co-Founder & COO, Vaaree   A Building Material Marketplace facilitates the exchange of design processes, academic methods, ideas, and entities related to architecture and design. In light of this, we are always looking for individuals who are willing to share their thoughts and ideas on relevant topics…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 3, 2023
Encore Modular: Creating Furniture At Par with Global Standard

“Indian furniture industry is poised for bigger growth and expansion.”   Furniture industry of India is waking up to the huge potential the market offers today, especially in the post pandemic era when comfort and safety have become paramount. The other good thing is that today we are making incredibly…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 2, 2023
Formica Is Investing, Is Here To Stay

Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for premium commercial and residential customers worldwide. Formica India, the Group’s Indian arm, has its headquarters and a hi-tech manufacturing plant in Kalol, Ahmedabad. Since its inception, Formica has pushed market standards and established international benchmarks. To broaden its…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on July 31, 2023
PRE-HUNG DOORS: Ready To Take Over!

“We believe in making things simple for our customers where they simply go in the market, select the doors of choice and buy.”   Durian has been at the forefront of Indian furniture industry since 1985. Starting with import, this furniture giant has come a long way to set up…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on July 29, 2023
Evolution of Modern Indian Retail Trade A Clear Story of Demand & Supply: Pankaj Malhotra, Alstone

The evolution of modern Indian retail market has been a fascinating journey, marked by significant transformations and advancements. Overall, the evolution of modern Indian retail has been driven by factors such as changing consumer behaviour, economic liberalisation, technological advancements, and increasing competition. The retail landscape continues to evolve, with innovations,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on July 28, 2023
Parryware: A Stylish Gamechanger

Parryware is one of India’s leading brands in sanitaryware. With a legacy of 70+ years, the brand has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. It offers a wide range of sanitaryware solutions--including toilets, washbasins, urinals, and bathroom accessories. Parryware is known for its innovative designs and high-quality…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on July 27, 2023
LINK LOCKS: In An All New Avatar!

Link Locks’ birth place is Aligarh, a city, better known for its locks and hardware industry – largely unorganised – with numerous small players. Citing this as an opportunity, Mr. Zafar Alam decided to bring about a new level of professionalism by setting up a new standard for quality and…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on July 25, 2023
In Conversation with Vinu Daniel--the Architect behind Many Stunning Structures Built With Mud & Brick!

Vinu Daniel--the founder of the award-winning architecture practice Wallmakers in Trivandrum-- creates poetic constructions out of mud and brick. BUILDING MATERIAL REPORTER enables the exchange of design processes, academic methods, ideas, and entities in the context of architecture and design. Ar. Priyanshi Shah spoke with him recently and the latter…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on July 8, 2023
SUCCESS STORIES → Craft and Culture
Chhail Khalsa: Bridging The Gap between Traditional Craft and Modern Technology

Chhail Khalsa, E-textile Designer & Design Researcher   With an innovative soul and explorative spectrum of beauty, Textile designer Chhail Khalsa talks about the traditional craft developed with technological interventions as the future of the textile industry. AR. Priyanshi Shah recently spoke with Chhail Khalsa and the latter shared her…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on July 4, 2023
JUNG is more than just a home automation and technology-driven company: Nishchal Saxena, Managing Director, Jung India

JUNG--the premium home automation brand based in Germany--provides complete home automation and switch solutions in useful and aesthetically appealing ways. All JUNG products & solutions – right from switches to home automation solutions -- are for an India that thinks smart and lives smart.   The BMR Team recently met…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 27, 2023
SOTC— Igniting the Tiles & Sanitaryware Landscape!

Jalandhar-based Shri Om Trading Company (SOTC) has emerged as a force to reckon with in the domain of tiles, stones, and sanitaryware in a very short period. High quality and complete customer satisfaction make it one of the finest players in the business, in Punjab and beyond.    If you…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 21, 2023
Looking for an Extensive Range of Marble, Tiles, & Stones? Your Search Ends With SOTC!

If you want to transform your space with exquisite tiles, marble, and stone in and around Jalandhar, Punjab, your search ends with the premier trading company Shri Om Trading Company (SOTC).   Started in 1998 the company has completed over 25 years in the business. With a rich history spanning…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 16, 2023
It’s Misconception Women Can’t Do Well in Building Industry

Kavita Seervi of Square Bath Studio, Heera Pura, Jaipur--the wholesaler dealers of Bathroom Showers & Wash Basins--is an inspiration for women and for all those who think that women can’t lead from the front and live up to the occasion.   After she lost her husband to Covid in 2021,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 14, 2023
SUCCESS STORIES → Craft and Culture
Art Creator: Linda Bloomfield, UK-based Designer

Linda Bloomfield, U.K based designer is an innovator in ceramic art. Since 2003, she has sold through galleries in the UK and worldwide. Her expertise includes many forms of ceramic art, dinnerware, and the maker's personal touch that gives a product a beautiful appearance and function.   The BMR Team…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 10, 2023
Simpolo Ceramics Expands Its Reach, Opens 98th Gallery

The well-known tile manufacturing company Simpolo Ceramics is keen to have a truly pan-India presence. For this, it’s opening new tiles galleries across the country. It recently launched its 98th gallery, in Madhya Pradesh in Jabalpur.     The Morbi, Gujarat based Tiles Company was founded way back in 1977.…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 29, 2023
Alstone: Designing And Making High-impact Designs

Pankaj Malhotra, National Sales Head   Alstone has a long history of stability, excellence, and quality. After being in the market for at least two decades, it’s now the preferred choice of architects, builders, and installers for high-quality aluminum composite panels. If your goal is to make a high-impact architectural…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 27, 2023
Fusion Access: Intangible Tale of Entities

We pursue our dreams and reach our goals sometimes in homes where we were born and sometimes in homes we build far from home. A home is a concept that never changes. Regardless of the address, it remains our sacred space. Our home is where we keep our belongings, rest…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 10, 2023
Vaissnavi Shukl: A Visionary Architect

A passionate promoter of architectural dialogue, Vaissnavi hosts the podcast Architecture Off-Centre, highlighting unconventional design practices and research projects that reflect emerging discourses within and beyond the design discipline. Our curiosity was piqued, and we met the designer to learn more about her magical thinking and maneuvers. BMR team interviewed…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 1, 2023
Evolve India: Future of Art and Technology

In the world of architecture and interior, Evolve India is well-known and well-established as a unique brand. Tell us more about it.   At Evolve we specialise in crafting wall panels, door skins, furniture, and floors using new-age building materials, like liquid metal, decorative concrete, and paintable rust. Our mission…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on January 6, 2023
REHAU – Consolidating Presence In India

REHAU, a global leader in polymer-based solutions, was founded in Germany in the year 1948. The brand started its Indian operations in 1997 and is celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year in India. During this period, REHAU has made a significant mark in the country’s furniture, construction, and industrial markets.…

  • Posted by: Syed Md Ehteshamul Hasan on January 5, 2023
SUCCESS STORIES → Craft and Culture
Traditional Artform: Madhubani Paintings

A well-known Indian art form is the Madhubani painting. It’s also known as Mithila art since it’s done in the Mithila area of Bihar. These paintings, which are frequently distinguished by intricate geometrical patterns, are renowned for depicting ceremonial material for certain events, such as festivals, religious rites, etc. Natural…

  • Posted by: Raajeshwari Singh Raghuvanshi on January 3, 2023
Wood - The Fad Is Catching On

Canadian Wood, also known as Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (FII India) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) Canada; a crown agency of the government of British Columbia (B.C.), the westernmost province of Canada. The office is also supported by the Canadian federal government through…

  • Posted by: Syed Md Ehteshamul Hasan on September 6, 2022
“Somebody who is managing several roles of life, needs to be celebrated!.” Samiksha Ganeriwal, Founder, Kagzi Bottle

Every woman today is doing something or the other, somebody who is managing so many roles of her life she needs to be celebrated and she needs to be encouraged.  For many years in the past, women were considered only homemakers and that’s why they didn’t deserve the same things…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 11, 2022
“You don’t have to be a mirror image of somebody else”: Minal Srivastava Shares Life Mantras for #9RealWomen9RealStories

I belong to a very small town. I always feel that I am a small towner at heart because after 20 years I still crave that sort of life. When I was starting I had no understanding of what working meant, or what a career meant because of the women…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 11, 2022
Things to Keep in Mind While Building the Relation with European Market

Sandeep Lathhwal, Editor BMR spoke with Vandy G, as part of one of the channel’s flagship shows ‘Expert Talk’.  With this show BMR will strive to sort out various issues facing the industry in the ground level by talking to subject experts.   In this episode of Expert Talk we…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on June 11, 2022
Stone World is a One-Stop Destination for all Your Natural Stone and Wall Cladding Needs - Pawan Lahoti

Sandeep Lathhwal of BMR had a detailed discussion with Pawan Lahoti, the Founder Director of  Stone World, Indore. He spoke about the future scope for natural stone and wall cladding in India, amongst other trending issues. Lahoti shared his rich experience with BMR’s flagship talk show Voice of Brand.  …

  • Posted by: By Editorial Team on June 11, 2022
Service Oriented Approach Sets Marmo Solutions Apart

BMR’s Sandeep Lathhwal spoke to Ashish Bhasin, CEO of Marmo Solutions Pvt Ltd., an emerging leader in the adhesive and cleaning solutions sector. She. Bhasin leads an in-house R&D team to ensure the strictest adherence to quality. He spoke to Sandeep Lathhwal on the future plans and emerging scopes for…

  • Posted by: By Editorial Team on June 11, 2022
Greenpanel Industries - Aiming High with ‘Nayi Soch Nayi Disha’

Greenpanel Industries Ltd. (GIL) is India's largest interior infrastructure company. Significantly, it enjoys 30% market share in domestic MDF market, with a strong retail network, 32 branches across India and presence in over 300 cities across 21 states.   The company boasts of its consortium of products for interior and…

  • Posted by: Syed Md Ehteshamul Hasan on June 11, 2022
Rise In Demand For Security Solutions in 2022: Swapneel Nagarkar, Sr. VP & Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions

It's been years now that tech-enabled smart security solutions have entered the market. How have the consumer needs and corresponding solutions evolved over the years? Where does Godrej stand in this regard? The new-age technology has incited a stimulation in the security solutions industry, with markets offering consumers new and…

  • Posted by: By Editorial Team on June 11, 2022